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Re-Electing Annie Rebecca Elliott

Fort Bend County District Clerk


Since 2007, Annie Rebecca Elliott has served as Fort Bend County’s District Clerk. Under her conservative leadership, the citizens of Fort Bend County have enjoyed the benefits of efficient case filing and jury management. She has introduced a fresh approach to technology, which has enabled her staff to be more productive and improved processes interfacing with county officials. Annie Rebecca has managed the District Clerk’s office with a customer centric focus, maintaining that service and respect are the foundation principles of her office.

This site has been fully funded by Annie Rebecca Elliott, District Clerk Campaign, Michael W. Elliott, Treasurer. No tax payer dollars have been used in the creation or operation of this site.


The District Clerk is committed to providing the Judicial System and the public with information and support using the most advance technology possible as we fulfill our statutory duties as record custodian and fee officer with first class customer service. We promote an environment for our employees’ that motivates evolvement of new ideas and better productivity by implementing our goals and objectives with a team approach throughout the organization. The District Clerk is the official custodian, records manager and administrator of records for the criminal, civil, and family district courts, inclusive courts are the sanctions, attorney general, child protective services. The District Clerk is responsible for summoning and managing of jurors for all District, County, and Justice of the Peace Courts, as well as the Grand Jurors.

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